Poulton – Wiltshire

I have been a customer of Knightsbridge & Kensington branch of your business over the last 3 years and I wanted to inform you of the wonderful service and support through this difficult time, I have received from Laura Wilde.
Laura has worked with me through the transition of an IVA & then Bankruptcy and has given me such great empathy and support over the phone, Laura has fully understood my personal position and the reasons why the above decision had been taken and guided me through the steps and explained what will happen, this has made the whole process run smoothly.
Laura made me feel she was my friend and fully understood my situation and never made me feel she didn’t have time to listen to my plait and discuss the reasoning behind the decisions in great detail, I never felt a failure or degraded being in this situation.
I also wanted to inform you that the lady at the court here in Swindon, complemented on the completeness and professionalism of the paperwork presented in my case and the additional information Laura had inserted, really represented my exact situation and this was very impressive. This meant that the Court hearing went smoothly and I didn’t have to actually see the judge.
I wanted to thank Laura, as I work in customer services ( international relocation industry) I know how important it is for managers and staff to know when they have provided a great service.

T Jeffery

I would like to thank All staff at Kensington Financial Management for the way in which they have dealt First with my Debt Management
Program over approx 3.1/2 years & Second with my recent Bankruptcy application.(Successful).
The service I received throughout was Exceptional and the information very useful, nothing was ever to much trouble no matter how many times I phoned or questions asked I was always greeted with courtesy, understanding and reassurance.
I cannot rate there service highly enough.
Thank you once again to All at KFM.

Whitlock – Lancashire

Last year I lost my job, at first I thought I would be ok and get a new one quite quickly, unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky I had several credit cards and a couple of loans when I was working I always managed to pay these on time, but without a regular income I just couldn’t keep up with my payments not even the minimum on my cards. I did manage to find work but on a much lower salary than I had been on previously I couldn’t sleep and started to feel that my money worries were taking over my life. A friend told me about you and how you had helped them with a debt solution I called you and you took it from there, it was so easy I wish I had done it months before. Getting help with my debts was a really good move, I am hoping my Financial circumstances will change again for the better until then I would just like to say a big thank you at last I can sleep at night again.

Smith – Bradford

I am free at last, I came to you when I didn’t know where to turn my phone was ringing constantly and I daren’t open my mail I was scared every time there was a knock at the door. I was burying my head in the sand hoping my debts would just disappear after just one call to you I felt there might be light at the end of the tunnel. I explained my Debt issues to you and you explained clearly how you could help. This week I made my final payment I never thought this day would come, you have really helped keep me on track your staff have been understanding and supportive. I am sure I could never have done this successfully on my own. I feel like I have made friends with my advisor Val I have never felt like I can’t tell her anything and she has always been honest with me about what you can and cannot do. Thank you again this is a new start for me and as much as I will miss you all I am never coming back.

Arbad – Essex

Just a note to say thank you for your recent email, I really like the fact you can correspond with me by email rather than letter, it means I have access to my statements etc far quicker than by post. I would like to say thank you also for the recent review of my account my circumstances have changed and by doing this you identified a different solution for me to assist me in dealing with by debts. The advisor I spoke to was really helpful and explained everything to me and the benefits of moving to an IVA, I feel so much better knowing that just a few years I can be completely debt free, when I was at my lowest I thought I would lose everything you really have been supportive and helpful. Thank you again

Key – Nottingham

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all your help, I really didn’t know where to turn my finances were spiraling out of control, and I needed Debt help. I heard so many negative comments about Debt management Companies and was worried about contacting you for a Debt solution, but I am so glad I did, from day one everyone has been so friendly and professional made me feel I could be confident you could assist me and help me in dealing with my debts. You have set up arrangements with the companies I owe money to and I know I can just pick up a phone if I have any questions. Thank you again

Murray – Cumbria

Thank you for all your help and kindness helping me with my debts, I hated being in debt and the misery it created nearly ended my marriage but being able to talk to you and knowing you are talking to my creditors as really helped, Now because I had a lump sum I have completed a Full and Final settlement and because you negotiated with my creditors I have saved money I would never have done that without your help, becoming debt free makes me feel like I have got out of jail. I will actually miss talking to you as you have been so supportive.

Thank you again and good luck in all you do.

Cox – Hampshire

Just an ordinary message from an ordinary customer, but within this message are heartwarming sincere thanks for all the hard work you have carried out when dealing with my Debts, I am truly grateful to you all especially by appointed Client liaison officer. You have eased the stress and strain of dealing with my debts that were spiraling out of control due to several months of Ill health, I am still unable to go back to work but being able to just pick up the phone and call you when I have any financial worries has really helped and taken away the worry being in debt causes. I am truly grateful for your financial advice and your support since I have been a customer of Kensington Financial Management Consultants, it has made such a difference and given me huge satisfaction and peace of mind.